No more. No more. No more.

If you are like me, you have some difficulty with unpleasant tasks. We go into evasion mode when we foresee a distasteful experience. You will feel 100% better when you eliminate these types of people from your business:

Do you have customers who are rude and disrespectful to you or your employees? Fire them today.

How about a customer with a history of prolonged Accounts Receivable? Write them off today.

Is there a chronic complainer among your customers? Enough already;             cut them loose now.

Have any short tempered customers where the least little things set them off? Do not wait for their next outburst; dismiss them now.

What about your customer who is always fishing for you to cut them a deal and discount your fee? Simply raise your price and they will either agree or eliminate themselves. 

If you see yourself in any of these situations you are carrying around unhealthy emotional and psychological baggage. This has a direct effect on your business. This has a direct effect on your health. You have to be eager to identify who you are, who you're not, and whether a client's desires and principles mirror your core values.

There comes a time in every growing business when you get to select the customer. Do yourself a big favor and fire the people who are making you feel bad.  Once you lighten your load you will feel much better about yourself and your business. 

Best wishes for continued success.

Bill Sferro
Social Media Marketing
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Your On-Call Consultant (OCC)

By now you’ve gotten to know me a bit and seen how passionate I am about helping others achieve their business goals through social media marketing. My work as a professional, and as a mentor, has always focused on providing expert guidance to individuals and companies looking to move to the next level of production and profitability.

For decades I’ve consulted companies large and small on how to achieve marketing success. I’d really like to work with you, too, to help you achieve your marketing and business development goals.

Want to invest in your business’s future? Choose me to become your social media marketing consultant. Think of it as me becoming a part of your company for as little or long as you like.

As your consultant, I will develop customized plans of action focused on your specific needs. Fees for my services are based on the scope of activities and my personal involvement—and I am surprisingly affordable. Plus you’ll be joining a very select group, as I work with only a limited number of active clients at a time so that my focus is on them and only them.

It’s easy to get started. Click on the Social Media Marketing Interested List and add your name to my Interested List. I will contact you to explore where I personally may be able to assist you.

I can’t wait to hear from you. Social media marketing success awaits.


Bill Sferro
Social Media Marketing

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Learn to Speak "Customer"

Do you ever use trade jargon - words your prospect may not be familiar with?

Too often we get caught up with our own buzzwords our potential customers do not understand or comprehend. This could inhibit them from returning to your social media location or scare them away for good. No one wants to feel ignorant. No need to impress them with your industry specific vocabulary.

Every business has trade jargon - words and expressions handy, meaningful, and convenient, but only to people in that business. How much trade talk do you use on your web page, Facebook fan page, twitter  feed, or your face-to-face marketing and sales presentations?

Have you ever recorded your content and then examined it critically with this point in mind?
Try this  . . . . Make a recording of all your content from all of your social media platforms. Now listen to it without looking at the actual online location. What does your copy sound like? Is it customer-centric or does it sound like you are talking shop at your industry convention?

In addition  . . . . Find someone in the target age group you are looking to reach and have them listen to your content. Do they get it? What questions do they have?

Best of all . . . . When you evaluate your content this way you insure you are presenting language the customer understands. Accept nothing less.

That’s why . . . . you will grow to greatness when you become fluent in customer language.

Best wishes for continued success.

Bill Sferro
Social Media Marketing