Roadmap of the Proper Internet Marketing Path

Internet marketing history clearly shows the most thriving businesses follow a familiar path to sales: First you must build relationships >and then you build trust. >This will lead to customers.  As social media entrepreneurs, we must “update and tweet” our way along this pathway and not pass over any steps if we are truly customer centric. Here is the proven profile equation of the winning and successful types and proportion of your  updates and tweets.

20%  Information . . . Facts, tips, advice, statistical data on your industry. Not about you or your business.

20%  Amuse & Entertain . . . Humorous posts, videos, pictures to make people smile or laugh about your business or industry.
40%  Interaction  . . . Create posts where people may talk or comment with you. Use polls, questions, and other dialogue formats.
20%  Convert to Customers . . . the logical conclusion to providing your followers with information, amusing and entertaining facts, as well as actually having dialogue with them 80% of the time is for you to ASK for the Order.

If all you do is post “buy” or “product” messages you are not on the successful path and run the risk of getting lost and alienating your followers.

Keep your followers informed, interested and engaged by providing status updates and tweets with information, tips and ideas to build your relationship with them.

When you follow your Roadmap to the Proper Internet Marketing Path you will  grow your business to greatness. 

Best wishes for continued success.

Bill Sferro
Social Media Marketing
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